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Are you planning to invest in a real estate property? Whether you’re looking at rental properties, a new construction project , or want to fix up and flip a home, hard money loans are likely the way to go. Work with the most trustworthy hard money lenders in the Bronx, NY; give Hard Cash Inc. a call. We offer hard money loans and cash out refinancing to real estate investors throughout the local area. Just get in touch today to begin the loan application process and learn more.

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Our hard money lenders are honest, reliable, and always deliver on what they promise. We make our loan application process as simple as possible so that you can get the cash you need for your real estate investment. Getting funding is as simple as filling out a form; we’ll review the form and return it to you in just three hours. With our help, you’ll have funding in no time.

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Work with honest hard money lenders near the Bronx, NY. Call today to learn more and speak to a professional.

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